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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 27, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. a defined governor digs in as wisconsin evict protesters.
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>> it's nice to be home just to be aafraid and hear gunfire all around your house. an emotional home coming from a family returning from the middle east. i will talk with cat ran about what she's calling other chaos in libya. apple gets ready to update one of these. you know it, you love it. it is the ipad. we will preview the new version with our tech wiz, katie linen dahl coming up. first let's get you caught up on the day's news. we start in libya. hundreds of people lined up outside banks to receive free money. the government authorized each family to receive about $400. no strings attached. it supposedly was meant to help offset rising food prices. some banks closed early saying there were too many people looking for the handout. not everyone accepted the money. those who refused said the gadhafi regime was trying passify protesters.
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libya provides employment to thousands of day workers and migrant workers from neighboring african countries. often with only meager belongings. estimates the violence has resulted in 100,000 of these refuse refugees racing to egypt. it is a candle light vigil. chile's president said chile is moving forward and that nearly half of the hundreds of thousands of destroyed homes, schools and hospitals have now been rebuilt. packing up again out. that's what police are telling
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protesters at wisconsin's building. demonstrators have been at the capital for two weeks. the building is in bad need of cleaning, officials say. we will have a live report from madison in just a minute. would you retire early for $10,000? hundreds of texas teachers say yes. they are accepting an offer from the financially struggling dallas school district to take the money and retire at the end of the school year. the district is bracing for a possible $253 million loss in state funding and layoffs. >> this process is certainly a less painful process than sitting in front of somebody and telling them that you have to let them go. >> it's time to go. it's time to let some young people come in. i've done my job well, so i leave with a big smile. about 500 teachers have accepted the offer so far. once $7 million is given out, the incentives end. shocking new details now about the deaths of four
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americans hijacked by pirates. the source says two of the pirates left instructions to their colleagues to kill the hostages if they did not return from negotiations with american officials aboard a navy ship. the two pirates were taken into custody, not standard negotiation practice. hours later u.s. forces boarded the hijacked yacht and found the four americans dead. we will have a live report straight ahead. back now to wisconsin where the deadline for protesters to leave the capitol building has come and it has gone. our ted rollins has been in the crowd. ted, is anybody leaving? >> a couple folks have left, but the deadline is now an hour passed. as you can see, there are hundreds of people still here at the capitol. some of them sitting here in anticipation of getting arrested. the people in the gray shirts say that they are willing to be arrested and they want to be arrested first. now what we have just found out,
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though, from the police chief is that it doesn't look like any of these people are going to be arrested anytime soon because the strategy now for law enforcement is to quote concede with what is going on now and try to convince people one by one to leave the capitol so that they can clean it. the police chief said people are going to have to try real hard to get arrested. we don't want anybody arrested and we are willing to spend the night here and try to convince these people to leave, let us clean this capitol building and then come back tomorrow. but people aren't willing to leave for a number of different reasons. mitchell is with the professional fire fighters association here in wisconsin. your union is not affected by this but your union has been here in solidarity. why are you here now after the deadline. and why are your unions not leaving the capitol? >> we are here to make sure we show support to our fellow brothers and sisters. this is not just about us. this is a movement that's bigger
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than one individual that's here. we are here because we want to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. we have to make sure that worker's rights are taken care of, the middle class in the suis state of wisconsin is taken care of. it's our constitutional right for free speech. the last 14 days we have been exercising our constitutional right. the fire fighters as well as the police officers are going to continue to be here until the y job is done, until every person's voice is heard. >> if police chief tubs comes up to you and says please leave, will you leave? >> if police chief tubbs says will you leave, i will say are you sure? but i think we will come to a general consensus, and we should be able to stay. we have the right to be here. this is the people's house. this is the house that wisconsin built. i think we should be here fire fighters and police and we will continue to be here until the
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job is done. >> another one of these deadlines seems to have come and gone in this everending stale mate here in the state of wisconsin for now. protesters remaining inside the rotunda. >> it's very interesting what's happening. you can pan out and we can look at the crowd. let's just talk here. as you were speaking it was hard to hear what they were saying? what are they chanting there? >> well, they have been chanting a number of different things throughout the evening, as you might imagine when there was an announcement that the capitol was closed, the chant was, "hell no, we won't go." from there it has gone to, "this is what democracy looks like," et cetera, et cetera. people are committed to staying until they are forced to go. but you have this sort of total turnaround from the police here saying you know what, we are not going to let you force us to pull you out. we are going to try our best to
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try to convince you. the one thing that they have been able to do is clear the top floors of the capitol building. those floors were filled with people for the last week and a half, and they have successfully convinced people to at least move down to what this is called the first floor. there's another floor below us, the bottom of the rotunda, and for the most part, the bottom floor and the top floor has been completely cleared out in terms of protesters. lot of people have left, but at this point these folks, and there are hundreds of them, say they are not going anywhere. >> all right. ted rollins, stand by. this has gone on for about two weeks. people in wisconsin say they are not going to leave. we are going to continue to follow this story. that's not the only protest going on. they are inspiring similar scenes all across the country in new hampshire, colorado, california. thousands of union supporters in
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a show of solidarity on saturday. there were counter protests in many areas but on a smaller scale in general. let's go to libya now. thousands are fleeing the country including some americans. >> it's nice to be home just to be so afraid and to hear gunfire all over your house. straight ahead here on cnn i'm going to talk with a mother who just returned from mother with her two young sons. she says she was worried they wouldn't be able to get out. plus, the stars are coming out for hollywood's biggest night. look at that live pictures now from the oscars, the red carpet. that's the beginning of the red carpet. we are going to take you live there. also, i'm on live in new york. make sure you check out my social media accounts and let's connect. to my grandkids, i'm nana.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. united nations estimate about 100,000 laborerancy migrant workers have fled to egypt and tunis tunisia. >> reporter: these are just some of the estimated 40,000 people who have fled across the border from libya here to tunisia in just the last week. most of these people are egyptian migrant workers, day laborers who are fleeing the blood shed and the violence in libya. it's difficult to even call this
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situation and camp because some of the men we have spoken with say they have spent two, three, four nights sleeping out here in the cold out on the streets. sir, you've been here one day, two days? >> one day. >> one day, sleeping right here. >> two. >> two days? >> when we come from to tunisia, take our laptop, take my -- >> who took your laptop and mobile? >> military. >> the military? >> yes. >> libyan soldiers. >> libyan soldiers, yes. >> the tunisian military say they need more help. tunisian civil society is stepping forward. we have seen convoys the tunisi tunisian vehicles coming in and
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organizing demonstrations against moammar gadhafi where they have been waving the three-color flag that has become a signal against gadhafi. we are showing a symbol of support, the first country to launch this movement, support for their own democratic uprising. the numbers of people just get bigger and bigger day after day, and the fear is if the blood shed gets worse, that these scenes could get worse as well if libyans join the flow of refugees escaping the violence in their country. ivan watson, cnn near the tunisi tunisian-libyan border. >> among the americans who happened to flee libya, the candor family. our affiliate was at the airport when they arrived. >> it's nice to be home just to
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be so freed. and to hear gunfire all over your house. >> you can just imagine why anyone would be emotional. kathryn pander joins us live from philadelphia. how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> why were you living in libya? >> my husband works for coca cola over there. >> your two young sons, four and six, correct? >> correct. >> how are they doing? >> they are holding up pretty well. i think they have internalized a lot of things that they saw. so i'm just really watching them to see how they are doing. >> they have internalized you said a lot of things that they saw like what? what were the terrifying moments? >> well, i mean, on monday we had saw helicopters all over the sky, and they thought that was really neat to see helicopters, and then monday evening is when gadhafi had his speech. after that when we went back to the house, i had put the
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children to bed, and you could hear the gunfire around the house, but then on tuesday, we had actually tried to fly out on tuesday, and we were supposed to go by a charter flight, and what happened is the charter flight could not get any approval to land, so we waited and waited and waited at someone's house, we were waiting for the phone call that the plane had arrived, but the plane could never get any approval to land, so we decided to regroup, go home, sleep the night. but when we got back to the house there was, as soon as dusk fell, there was machine gunfire all around us. there was cars honking, there was people chanting, they were beating drums. and it was machine gunfire everywhere, so the children definitely heard that, and we just kept saying that it was fireworks going on and, you know, because people were really happy. so we -- >> did they buy that, that it
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was fireworks? >> they really weren't sure what was going on. they saw that everyone was really tense. we definitely were watching the news the whole time, and i think they were picking up on different things, but i don't think they really grasped the whole situation of really what was going on at all. >> you describe a scene in the airport that you said was terrifying as you were waiting, i think it was like a 12-hour wait and what did you see? >> well, we had started our journey. i got a phone call at 2:30 in the morning on wednesday morning that said that hopefully the charter plane was coming and we had to leave for the airport at 6:00 a.m. so i said okay, fine, but then oh, i got a phone call at 4:15 that said we are leaving in a half hour, we need to go now. we all regrouped at 5:00 in the morning and drove in a convoy, and it was really quiet on the streets, which we thought was strange, but when we got to the airport, there was a sea of 10,000 people, easily 10,000 people that we had to get
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through, and there was pushing and shoving and yelling and screaming, and then the children were being pushed. so we got actually into the airport through a secondary check, and when we got in there and standing there waiting to see if our flight was ever going to come in, there was this chanting started outside, this very loud, loud chanting, and then people started screaming and you heard pops of gunfire, and everyone in the airport where the tickets counters were just froze. a rush of people came toward us and they were actually carrying a body and it was covered in blood. so we are not sure if the children actually saw that. we are hoping that they didn't. but just to experience something like that, i mean, it was maybe 15 feet away that they carried the body through from us. >> and kathryn, as you were talking, we are looking at pictures from the airport where people are just waiting and waiting and waiting. they don't know when they are going to get out. it is unbelievable to see those pictures. as we understand, your husband is now in egypt, that's where
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he's from. so i'm sure you are happy he's there. there's unrest there, but you're happy he's out of libya. >> exactly. he actually had a real harrowing experience on friday. they flew out friday. they were able to get flights out on friday, and there were 61 people of them working for coca cola, and they were pelted by rocks, they were hit by sticks, they were punched, kicked, trying to actually get into the airport. >> as i understand you didn't know that he was okay until you got a phone call when you arrived at the philadelphia airport and that everything is okay now. thank you so much. we are glad that your family is okay and we appreciate you here on cnn. >> thank you very much. hollywood recognizes the best movies and actors. we will take you to the red carpet for all the oscar preview action live tonight. you are looking at live pictures right now. is that c-- oh, it's a girl use to be on 90210. something like that.
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brooke anderson live at the kodak theater in hollywood to give you a preview. >> i have got a very special guest joining us, melissa leo, huge night for you. you are nominated for best supporting actress for your role as alice ward and the fighter.
6:23 pm
this is your second oscar nomination. a couple years we talked with you. you starred in "frozen river." you are considered a favorite here this year. does that make you any less nervous or does it make you more nervous? >> i don't quite really know what to think about it because i don't know if i could pick who was my favorite of the four performances from the other women in my category. it's a funny thing we do, but it sure helps the movie business an awfully lot, so i'm thrilled to be here at the academy awards. >> a lot of exposure. one of the other women in your category is your co-star, amy adams, who also did a tremendous job. is it friendly competition? have you and she been talking about this going head to head? >> completely friendly. no competition whatsoever. she was an angel by my side as we shot in lowell. i learned all kinds of things about her from acting and life. >> i'm sure she learned a lot from you as well.
6:24 pm
well, we have been soliciting questions from your fans on our showb"showbiz tonight" page. christine wants to know how long have you worked on your acceptance speech that you will be delivering tonight? >> well, i'm not so sure as christine that i will win tonight. so if christine has a speech and can get it over to me before i go up -- >> i will run it in to you if i receive it. tell me about what you are wearing tonight? >> this is a mark bauer dress custom-made for this event and for me to wear after mark had gotten to know me a little bit, he put it on a dummy, i saw it that way first and had it on a few weeks ago for the first time. i am pretty sure what i would wear today. i love it. i hope everyone else does. >> enjoy yourself tonight. you look lovely, and such an incredible talent. melissa leo. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you so much. love the jewelry. bling bling all over the red carpet.
6:25 pm
>> brooke, i hear it's going to be a hipper show tonight. how so? >> yeah. the oscar producers want it to be hipper. they want it to feel fresher, younger. it's the 83rd oscar. so it's been around a while. they want to attract younger viewers. james franco, 32 years old. anne hathaway. hopefully they are going to bring an edge to it for the telecast this year. also, no more long montages. i was really relieved to hear that. short film clips, yes, but no more long brutally boring montages. also, it's going to be like a virtual set. they are going to utilize a lot of projection screens. and i think you have been talking about this a little as well. they are going to have so called mominees tweeting throughout the telecast. they are making a concerted effort to give the show a pace.
6:26 pm
>> a.j. hammer will be reporting from the red carpet tonight. their road to gold coverage begins at the top of the hour at 7:00 p.m. eastern. live at 11:00 p.m. eastern with all the scoop. trouble looming in congress. lawmakers have yet to approve a spending bill that will keep the government up and running. how close are they to an agreement? we will check in with mark preston. we have all seen a big jump in gas prices this week. but if you have an iphone, you might be able to save some money. so stick around for the top three free aps to help you save at the pump. hostcould switching to geico really save you
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welcome back, everyone. congress returns to work tomorrow, and it's faced with a very pressing matter. without an agreement by midnight friday, the government will shut down. there are two ways to prevent that. either finally pass a budget for this fiscal year or push through another short-term fix to keep washington open for business. let's bring in our senior political editor mr. mark prest preston. we are hearing congress is close to an agreement on a short-term spending bill.
6:30 pm
what's the status? >> they haven't sat down and carved open an agreement to at least keep the government open for two more weeks. what we heard on the sunday talk shows and hearing from leaders in washington on both sides of the aisle is that they want to try to get an agreement done. if they are not able to get an agreement and the government were to shut down friday, here's what would happen. air traffic controllers would continue to keep their jobs. border control agents would continue working. nonessential federal employees would not be working. in addition to that, passport applications would go unprocessed. there's all these moving parts of the government that would have to stand still. but i tell you politically, don, neither democrats nor republicans want to see that happen. >> let's talk about the lead story. we spent most of the first block in this covering wisconsin and how it is shaping the 2012 race. will voters respond to the gop hard line against collective
6:31 pm
bargaining. it was 2007 when president obama was running when he said if the union was ever out on, you know, had issues, i would be the first one out there on the picket lines with them. he hasn't been out there. >> no, he hasn't been out there. in fact, let's take the fist question first. the fact that republican governors are taking a hard line on spending in the states, republican state hard line in washington d.c., that is absolutely helping with their base. what their base is going to want is that they continue to keep this hard line all the way through 2011 through 2012. that will help them on election day. at the same time what democrats need to do is continue to keep fighting. president obama did make that comment. he made it in south carolina when he was running for president. he got a little bit coverage today from a major head on the sunday shows. activists are frustrated. they don't think he's doing enough. they want to see him up in wisconsin. that's very unlikely to happen. if they don't see president obama in wisconsin, they want
6:32 pm
him to send somebody to wisconsin to at least show, in fact, they are on his side. >> we fail to pass this bill by tuesday, we lose $165 million worth of savings. if we continue down that path we start seeing layoffs. i know that was one of the most difficult decisions i ever had to make when i was a county official was considering layoffs. i would go to almost any ends to avoid that. my hope is that at least one of those 14 state senators feel the same way. >> he's pointing the finger at democrats but he's saying this is about collective bargaining. >> he is trying to union best and some republican strategists saying this is great for us because heading into 2012, let's try to break the democratic base as much as we can. what we are hearing from activists, they like what they are seeing from the likes of scott walker from wisconsin, from chris christie from new jersey, rick scott from florida. chris christie has been on the
6:33 pm
job for couple years. still these are new republican governors doing their best to hold the line on spending and by doing so, don, they are taking on the democratic established and democratic-backed unions. >> thank you, we appreciate it. new information about those four americans who were killed when pirates hijacked their yacht near somalia. we now know u.s. officials went against standard negotiation practices. did that impact the deadly outcome? after months of anticipation, apple is expected to unveil the ipad 2 this week. we will have a sneak peek at what's next.
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there are a lot of unanswered questions to what happened to four americans found dead on their yacht after hijack bid pirates. we are now learning two pirates told their colleagues to kill the americans if they did not return from hostage negotiations on a u.s. navy ship. cnn's national correspondent joins us now from new york with the latest on that. susan, that threat to kill the hostages if the negotiators didn't return to the yacht, what does it mean given what we are learning now about those negotiations? >> well, i tell you, that instruction from the pirates to their fellow hijackers back on the ship, according to a maritime source, kill the hostages if we don't come back coupled with other new details only raises new questions about
6:37 pm
what happened here. bit by bit more details are emerging. for example, two separate sources are telling cnn that the two pirate negotiators were taken into custody aboard a navy ship, but it's not clear whether their fellow hijackers knew that happened. if they did, would that have gotten them riled up enough to harm the four american hostages who eventually were killed? we have an animation that reminds you of what happened. u.s. central command says the pirates fired a rocket propelled grenade at the navy ship's steer. the grenade missed. sen com says small gunfire. the four american hostages were found dead or dying. it's not known whether they were executed or killed in the cross-fire, don. >> are they saying the people in charge anything about whether detaining those two pirates was
6:38 pm
a good idea, susan? >> there's a difference of opinion. one maritime source says taking the two negotiators into custody goes against standard operating procedures. the theory being that if one side is trying to show good faith, why risk a reprisal by detaining the negotiators? but a u.s. government official tells cnn that in this case it was clear that the two pirates, quote, had no authority to negotiate anything. in that official's words, it would have been, quote, unfathomable to send back the pirates where they could have harmed the hostages. that same u.s. government official had no comment on a new york times report that taking the two men into custody on the navy ship may have caused a meltdown among the other pirates. that same u.s. official tells cnn the pirates were made another offer and they told u.s. negotiators that they would sleep on it. and it was some time after that that the rocket was fired at the navy ship.
6:39 pm
now sent com is not commenting because of the ongoing justice department's investigation. >> what's happened to the pirates involved in the hijacking? >> well, two were found dead below deck and two were killed by a navy s.e.a.l. team and 14 others were captured. the justice department is still deciding where to send them for prosecution. among the likely choices, new york and norfolk, virginia. don? >> all right, susan candiotty, thank you very much for that. with gas prices going up, we are all looking for some relief, and, of course, there's an app for that. which will give you the best prices? ...also had brains. and let you watch your favorite movies... find the best restaurants... play xbox live... and keep up with your friends. if it had that and this... shouldn't you have one. yes you should. get the only phone with office, xbox live and thousands of apps.
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now it's our correspondence from washington to wall street. we begin at the white house. >> i'm dan lothian at the white house. monday president obama and vice president biden will meet with a bipartisan group of governors. later the president will sit down with u.n. secretary-general to talk about the issues in libya. on thursday president obama will host his monthly meeting with his national security team on afghanistan an pakistan. also will welcome the president of mexico and on friday president obama heads to miami where he will continue his
6:43 pm
sessions on innovation and job creation in the u.s. and host a fund razise for the democratic party. >> if republicans and democrats can't make up their differences on spending cuts, a government shutdown will be triggered on friday. the house republicans say they won't support anything without cuts. they are going to hold a vote to cut $4 billion and keep the government running for two weeks. the cuts they are proposing are from programs the president has supported. senate democrats are making clear they may be able to live with that and, if so, a government shutdown could be avoided for now. i'm poppy harlow. we will get the december pending home sales report as well as construction spending and auto sales numbers. all eyes will be on that monthly job support that comes friday morning. economists are expecting about 180,000 jobs were added in february, but the unemployment
6:44 pm
rate is expected to tick up slightly to 9.1%. investors and apple enthusiasts around the world are expecting to see the debut of the latest ipad at an event in san francisco. no details yet. we will see if that happens and track it all for you on "cnn money." thanks, guys. let's go beyond our borders here with the big storys that we are covering around the world. a lot of stories didn't get a lot of attention because of the unrest in the middle east and north africa. we start with a story that really was a huge story and it involves some antiquities. >> that's right, don. this is a story we are going to hear more about going into next week. it has to do with the buddhas that overlook bomb yawn valley. the world watched in horror as the taliban destroyed these two beautiful buddha statues back in 2001. for the last ten years there's been a lot of debate as to how are we going to fragment this world heritage site back together.
6:45 pm
for the first time german scientists have come out and said it's possible to put the smaller buddha, reconstruct it and put it back together. and the size of this is about half the size of a football field. imagine that. and so they are going to have a conference in paris to talk about how this is going to all take effect. >> the tokyo marathon, iphones and live streaming. what's up with that? >> that's right. this guy who has been called japan's marathon man, take a look at this. he has strapped him up in this outfit he's wearing, weighs about ten pounds. he's streaming every step as he's running. despite this he still finished the marathon in 6:28. >> what's that thing on his head? is he powering himself? >> he just wants to draw attention. more eye-catching effect. >> more power to him. thank you. we appreciate it. we heard about the iphone there, streaming apple is expected to be rolling out the ipad 2. up next we will check in with
6:46 pm
our favorite tech wiz for what's new and what's not so new about the ipad 2. ♪ come and cuddle by the fire in the evening ♪
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if you watch this newscast, you know when i'm on set my ipad is always within arm's reach.
6:49 pm
i'm always like where's my ipad? on wednesday apple is holding an event in san francisco and the company is strongly hinting that it's going to unveil the ipad 2. tech wiz katie linendahl is very excited. katie, apple enthusiasts. is that the ipad 2? >> no. nobody has it. >> so they are keeping a tight lid on the details. what are some of the guesses the ipad 2 will do? >> not a ton of new features. ones we are expecting, the obvious ones. we are going to see it come down in size. only half-inch thick and only 1 1/2 pounds. even if they shave off a few millimeters, it will be sleeker and lighter weight. any tablet entering the marketplace that expects to be competitive, ipad 2 will have a front-facing and rear-facing camera on the back. takes photos and video conference. apple loves their face time
6:50 pm
proprietary feature. ipad 2 will stay on at&t and verizon, and i don't think, you know, if you are looking for an original ipad, you probably can get a sweet deal if you want to wait it out without all the bells and whistles. we can also start the rumor, i want it in colors like the nano. that would be pretty exciting, wouldn't it? >> it would. i'm sure you have seen the little spoof about the people with the other tablets. we will give you this one small. no must have ipad. there are other tablets on the market. why is this ipad in particular so popular? >> i know. it's an incredibly tough marketplace to enter. i don't think people realize there are over 100 plus tablets on the marketplace. i don't think people can name three. one that has done a good job. this is the samsung galaxy tab. this came out in november. it sold about 2 million.
6:51 pm
apple sold 15 million in nine months. the galaxy tab is more portable. in size it's a seven inch version as opposed to the ten inch ipad version. runs off of google's operating system android. this is a nice pocketable one. it's 250 but you have to sign into that two year contract that people don't like. this one came out thursday. at the consumer electronic show this year this one won best in show. motorola's first tablet. called the zoom. running off -- it totally looks like an ipad. very similar in terms of size. it's hard to see. again ten inch screen. front facing rear facing camera. video chat which is cool. running off android honey comb which might not mean anything to somebody whose not a techie. it's made for tablets. not a smartphone. it's fast. it's $800.
6:52 pm
600 bucks if you sign a two year. i think everybody is kind of waiting to see what the ipad ii has to offer before dropping some serious cash. >> thank you. tell me your blog again, >> speaking of apple, prices are shooting up at the gas pump. if you got an iphone there are apps out there to help you find the cheapest gas. mashable has cheap gas and gas buddy. they use gps to map your location and guide to you the station where you'll get the best price. there's an app for everything. if i told you there were certain foods that you can eat that would heat up your love life would you believe me? coming up, we'll take a look at some of the more interesting foods that made the list. has charlie sheen gone too far and bitten the hand that
6:53 pm
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6:56 pm
high zinc content is vital for men to regulate testosterone and regulate sperm. bananas are high in folate which helps increase blood flow. and chili peppers they have a compound that creates energy. now you know. cnn is closely watching the unrest in libya and it's rippling across the middle east. but we're also watching another explosive drama that unfolded last week in hollywood. actor charlie sheen lashed out at his executive producer sway huge no-no. i sbo i spoke about it about jane velez-mitchell. we have to start here with charlie sheen. every day it's something else. i want to you listen to his most recent comments and then we'll talk about it. >> i embarrassed him in front of his children and the world by healing at a pace that his
6:57 pm
unevolved mind cannot process. i spent close to the last decade i don't know effortlessly and magically converting your tin can into pure gold. the gratitude i get is this charlatan chose not do his job, which is to write. clearly someone who believes he's above the law. well you've been warned dude bring it. >> he's been talking about his producer of his number one show. has he gone too far? >> yes. he has gone too far and the suits have cracked down. they have pulled the plug on two and a half men and i say bravo. this guy is so deep in his disease and he's got this bubble because of all the money that he makes from this very tv show that he doesn't suffer the consequences that the average person suffers. he still has his house, car and porn stars and all his other material goods. it increase his denial. it's like a fortress around which his denial has grown.
6:58 pm
and so that's why it's harder for him to hit bottom than an average person. >> some people are reading in to that, calling him chuck. maybe there's anti-semitism going on. is that the read from people in hollywood? >> i think it's vicious, nasty, very possibly anti-semitic. everything he said crossed the line into hateful, derogatory speech. i mean, this is addiction in all its glory. >> i'm sure you've heard about this representative, paul brown, holding a town hall meeting on thursday. elderly gentleman stands up and says who is going to shoot the president? who is going to be the first to shoot the president. well paul brown doesn't respond right away and goes on to say hey there's going to be an election and when the next election we'll get be somebody who believes in smaller government. this came later. his office released a statement. he says i was stunned by the question and chose not to
6:59 pm
dignify it with a response. therefore, i moved on to the next person. after the event my office took action with the appropriate authorities. i deeply regret this incident happened at all. furthermore he goes on to say i condemn. >> he's an elected politician. he's used to speaking in public. he's got to know that something like that warrants a reaction nuclear program he's pretending like oh, it happened spontaneously, i didn't know what to say. come on. this guy has been in the public eye for long enough that he dropped the ball and, again, shame on him for not reacting more appropriately. >> jane, you're so passionate and i know you cover the stories that you're passionate about. what are you working on for your show next week? >> we're working on this amazing sweat lodge trial. three people died in this horrific sweat lodge situation in arizona and it's a full fledge trial kicking off on tuesday. on monday on issues on hln we're going to


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